Romio is a bright student and has had unconditional love for Juliet Persia, the “White Cat Dormitory leader

Romio is a bright student and has had unconditional love for Juliet Persia, the “White Cat Dormitory leader

Ao Haru Ride

Futaba Yoshioka wants to reset her image and has few reasons to do it as a new high school student. She is a cute girl and was ostracised by her female friends in junior high because of a misunderstanding. She could not get her feelings across to the only boy she had ever developed a romantic interest in. But now that she is in high school, she is determined to be as unladylike as her friends will not be jealous.

As she lives her life in an unladylike manner, she ends up meeting Tanaka again, but he now uses the name Kou Mabuchi. He tells her that he feels the same way she did when they were young. But he iterated that it is a thing of the past. Ao Haru Ride anime has 12 episodes released from . During these anime times, the community was not as vast as in modern times. So seeing an wat kost beetalk anime from that era would mean that it is simply the best romance anime to binge, considering its episodes.

Boarding School Juliet

Boarding School Juliet is one of the best romance anime to binge. The action takes place at school, and students come from the rivaling countries. We saw romantic moments between students, and it was entertaining to watch. The rivalry countries are known as Nation of Touwa” and “Principality of West,” The students are separated due to their nationality. This is the story of a student named Romio Inuzuka, the “Black Dog Dormitory leader.”

” Since childhood, he had loved her, and Romio was hesitant to confess his love. But one day, he decided to confess and vow to change the world for him to be with Juliet. Juliet is impressed by Romio and accepts him as the love of her life. But the two realize that they have to keep their affairs secret since it is against the rule of their dorm. The love story between the two is interesting, and they always avoid trobles.

Bottom Tier Character Tomozaki

Most of us are familiar with this anime full of romance and fun. Bottom Tier Character Tomozaki is also one of the best romance anime to binge. Tomozaki is a high school student loner who loves to be alone and play games. But Tomozaki’s life changed when he met Hinami. Initially, Tomozaki thought that Hinami would not be good to be around him. But things changed since Hinami was the only girl that could stay with him.

Hinami and Tomozaki also competed in games, and Hinami was the second on the leaderboard. She was helpful to Tomazaki, and the relationship between the two was amazing. Despite being an expert, Tomazaki needed Hinami to help him improve in games and most of his school work.

Just Because

This anime reveals the love and romance between four students. Eita Izumi joins a new school after returning to his hometown. He keeps on joining new schools because of his father’s job. Izumi met with Haruto, and they were in the baseball club in middle school. The day he saw Mio, he fell in love with her and always had a crush on her. Izumi had a crush on Mio, and it was tough for him to confess it since middle school.

Mio Natsume was a member of the student council and attended the same middle school as Izumi and Haruto. But Mio had feelings for Haruto and always wanted to study hard in college. Her feelings for Haruto pushed her to study hard, but later her feelings began to change. Haruto had a job awaiting him after graduation and his Izumi’s best friend. But he loves Hazaki, who rejected him when he confessed. But Hazaki promised Haruto that she would date him when he was stable, working, and when she was at college.

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